Q. What's this all about anyway?

A. In short, therapy is about talking with somebody who pays careful attention to not only what you're saying, but also how you feel and how your body reacts.

Q. How often?

A. Usually once a week for 50 minutes at a time. Some people do extra sessions a week or longer sessions, especially if doing couples' work.

Q. How long does this last?

A. Some people prefer a handful of sessions, others go for years.

Q. What's so special about this?

A. For one, confidentiality. You can explore thoughts and feelings without worrying how they affect the people in your life. What you say in therapy stays there and is only discussed in supervision, or if other exceptions are necessary.

Q. What exceptions?

A. For example, a report is required in cases in which a child, elder or dependent adult is at risk of abuse or neglect. A report is sometimes required in cases where you or another individual is at risk.