“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” ― Johann Hari

People have relationships with drugs. Some are relaxing to be around, others make you the life of the party. At times, they get possessive and controlling.

Sometimes making changes in using can be like giving up a lover; perhaps it's best to walk away completely, only have occasional hookups, or keep a continual platonic connection going.

Let's find a way to relate to substances that is workable for you, whether that involves managed use, targeted abstinence from one compound, or full abstinence from all.

Food can also be another substance that takes on a life of its own. Making this challenge more difficult is that abstinence is not an option, and self-control of our appetite is exceedingly difficult as willpower is modulated by glucose and other hormones in the brain. When we eat less, for example, we have less glucose available, and our body goes full tilt to replenish those supplies, even if it means a binge on edibles we'd much rather avoid.

We can find ways to make food work for you, and not be a slave to consuming, eating to live and not living to eat.