I'm here to help you explore parts of yourself that might not seem to fit what you've been told should be there. Whether this manifests as breaking gender norms or being attracted to the same sex, internalized stigma can make this difficult. By going slow in a safe environment, and giving time, attention and care to these aspects of yourself, there can be a process of growth with the richest of rewards. While some of who we are is not a choice, whether we let these parts exist in all their beauty is up to us.

"An integral approach acknowledges that all views have a degree of truth, but some views are more true than others, more evolved, more developed, more adequate. And so let's get that part out of the way right now: homophobia in any form, as far as I can tell, stems from a lower level of human development — but it is a level, it exists, and one has to make room in one's awareness for those lower levels as well, just as one has to include third grade in any school curriculum. Just don't, you know, put those people in charge of anything important." - Ken Wilber

"Integral Spirituality in Real Life" (Beliefnet Essay 4)